Ermax Undertail for Yamaha MT 07/FZ 7 2018/2020


Undertail Ermax for Yamaha MT 07 / FZ 7 2018/2020

This MT-07 under tray is available painted in Yamaha original colours or in black unpainted. It personalizes your bike and adds colour. The number plate, the plate lighting and blinkers fit on the provided metallic support.

This MT07 undertail / FZ7 undertail does not need cut and allows to refit your motorcycle in original configuration.


delivered with:

  • fitting kit
  • Sup09evo support de plaque déporté (inclus)
  • Platine alu anodisé noir mt 07(fz 7) 2018
  • Edp05 eclairage de plaque noir 3 leds e8 (inclus)
  • Sdc03 support de catadioptre alu noir (inclus)
  • installation instructions.pdf