Ermax Undertail for Yamaha TMAX 530 2012/2016


Undertail Ermax for Yamaha TMAX 530 2012/2016

This Ermax undertray changes radically the rear of your 530 TMax 2012/2016, by covering and coloring the underside of the seat. It allows to remove the rear mud flap and to refit the number plate on the provided metallic support. The plate lighting is integrated in the undertray.

The assembly of this accessory does not need cut. You can then refit your scooter in original configuration.

Product available in Yamaha original colors, in black unpainted or carbon look.

delivered with:

  • 2 screw bhc Ø6×15 big tête black
  • 4 fasteners filetées Ø5
  • 4 nuts brake Ø5
  • 4 screw bhc Ø5×20 big tête black
  • 4 washers steel Ø5 type M
  • 1 support métallique sup09
  • 4 screw bhc Ø5×10 small tête
  • 6 washers rubber Ø6
  • 1 support reflector sdc02
  • Sup09 support de plaque alu (inclus) noir
  • Sdc03 support de catadioptre alu noir (inclus)
  • Edp01 eclairage de plaque (a encastrer) 5 led 180° e4
  • installation instructions.pdf