he best performance are available from today for your model of HONDA X-ADV (model year 2017) with UpMap T-800

When you match the UpMap with your bike, will be possible to use the maps, developed for the stock exhaust, Termignoni homologated silencer H14208040ITC also with Termignoni racing header H14209410IXX.

Thanks to the deactivation of the lambda sensor and also by fine-tuning of the air/fuel ratio, you’ll enjoy the bike performance and an increase of the maximum power of your Honda X-ADV 2017. You will feel the great increase of power, when will ride your bike for the first time.

Remember that for those purchasing the device UpMap T-800, the first mapping is free!
It will be enough when you purchase the map, enter the “TERMIGNONIGIFT” code to get the map for free.