Soaring scooter performance with a power increase of 15%-25%

The first head for all Piaggio scooters that have a 4-stroke, liquid cooled engine with the following displacements: 125*cc, 180*cc, 200 cc, 250 cc, 300 cc. With more than seventy applications and designed and developed to deliver great excitement, insures this head a brilliant future.

Technical Specifications:

  • Head made of gravity-fed cast aluminium alloy, tempered and sandblasted, machined within thousandth (mm) tolerances utilizing super precise work cells.
  • Valve guides designed with new profile, made using a powdered metal sintering process (steel, phosphorous, carbon, copper and manganese).
  • Valve seats made of cobalt-molybdenum steel alloy characterised by copper infiltration and a special heat/chemical treatment. Increased intake valve – ø 25 mm, made of a special steel alloy and a special heat/chemical treatment.
  • Increased exhaust valve – ø 22.2 mm and made of Nimonich 80 material (Nickel, Chromium, Titanium, and Aluminium alloy).
  • Exhaust and Intake valve springs made of Si-Cr oil-tempered and annealed steel, designed to operate optimally under increased loads due to increased engine power.

* This new head was developed to be used exclusively with Malossi cylinders for the displacements 125 cc ? 180 cc, while with all other displacements, this new head can be used with the original cylinders. The head is pre-assembled and ready for installation.

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